Fashion to Inspire: Marine Workout Clothing

Being a Marine is more than a profession, and certainly more than a paycheck. The mentality of a Marine is all-consuming. To be a Marine is to take part in one of this Nation’s greatest comradery and brotherhood’s.  The symbol of the Marine Corps is to be worn and exhibited with pride, for this is an honor not to be taken lightly. Marine Corps clothes come in a variety of types from hoodies, to cycling jerseys and socks, to short and sweats.  Marine Corps products also include things like marine workoutpins that you can wear during your workout to symbolize your esprit de corps. Only a true Marine can beam with pride while sporting the attire of their fellow brothers and sisters. Often time Marine Corps clothes are worn as pieces of motivation and drive. If a fellow Marine is wearing a Marine Corps t-shirt to workout they work harder, and fight through the excuses in their head. They know they can finish anything because they are a Marine. This type of motivation boasts self-esteem and drive simply by wearing the symbol they have come to know as part of their family.

Marine’s use other types of inspiration while working out as well.Clothing is just one method.  Another method is to work oworkoutut with other Marine’s who share similar fitness goals and who are roughly in the same condition as you.  Another way to drive yourself to work out more often is to vary your routine just enough to keep yourself inspired.  However, none of these techniques show the outside world your commitment more than wearing clothing that represents an organization for which personal fitness is essential.  At eMarine PX, we have a variety of workout clothing that will inspire you to achieve your goals and demonstrate to others your pride in the best military organization in the world.

All About Toys for Tots

Since 1996, the U.S. Marine Forces Reserve has collected new, unwrapped toys for 3 months every year throughout the United States and distributed these toys as Christmas presents to less fortunate children in communities in which the campaigns, known as Toys for Tots, are conducted.

Toys for Tots ultimately aims to deliver a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters. The Marines strive to play an active role in the development of our nation’s children and to unite members of local communities in a common cause.

If you want to donate a toy but don’t know what to buy, consider what would be an appropriate gift for your own child or relative. The only items not accepted are realistic looking toy weapons and food.

Toys for Tots programs typically take place in communities in which there is a Marine Corps Reserve Unit. If you would like to donate toys or even volunteer this holiday season, you can find your local Toys for Tots campaign information: here.

And if you’re searching for a present to say thank you to your favorite or local Marine, you can find Marine accessories, collectibles, and more novelties and gifts at