Ingenious Things to Do with Marine Memorabilia

Marine Corps memorabilia deserves to be shown off with pride, whether you’re honoring a friend, family member, spouse, or even your own history in the Marine Corps. But memorabilia doesn’t just have to sit on a shelf. Here are some unique ways to display your memorabilia.

One great idea is to display pins, clothing, flags, and stripes in shadow boxes, or deep picture frames that can securely hold treasured objects. You can also dress up an entire bookcase like a trophy case, filled with historical books and memorabilia like plaques, ammo boxes, and medallions.

Ingenious Things to Do with Marine Memorabilia

Framing military portraits and other honorable photos is common practice, but you can dress up your picture frames with medallions, ribbons, and even decals to make them look extra special.

If you want to go over-the-top with Marine pride, dedicate an entire room to Marine Corps memorabilia, from gifts to furniture. Red, white, blue, and black are the colors frequently used in marine memorabilia, so design a room around these 4 colors to make your memorabilia looks right at home.

Finally, who says your Marine Corps memorabilia has to stay in one spot to collect dust? Proudly wear memorabilia like rings, wallets, and caps. Turn Marine Corps coins into necklaces, or even dress up luggage and backpacks with ribbons, patches, and more.

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