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Item#: C-2206 USMC Mascot w/Swords Coin

USMC Mascot w/Swords Coin
Purchase USMC Mascot w/Swords Coin
  • Item#: C-2206

    USMC Mascot w/Swords Coin

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USMC Mascot w/Swords Coins

    Teufel Hunden” or “Devil Dog” has been a badge of honor for Marines, first used at the WWI Battle of Belleau Wood. The Marines fought with so much tenacity that the Germans compared them to “Dogs from Hell”. During that battle the Germans made several attacks against the Marines but were not able to dislodge them. These valiant Marines established “Devil Dog” as a common term of endearment for Marines and helped establish the bulldog as the Marines mascot. This devilish-looking blood thirsty dog and crossed swords coin is over the top with an odd shape cutout design, multi-color paint fill, and is the perfect size at 2 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall. A nice coin that any Marine would love!

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